All The Attacks Have Been Changed In The Latest ‘Pokemon Go’ Update; Here’s What You Need To Know


Are you sick of getting your ass handed to you by Vaporeon whenever you try to take over a gym in “Pokemon Go”? Well you’re in luck, because developer Niantic has completely overhauled all of the attacks in the game, rebalancing everything in the process. In addition, quick attacks have been weakened while charge attacks are stronger, so no more finger cramps while you wildly tap on your screen while shouting expletive after expletive in public.

Click the image below to see what the new best moves are then head over to Reddit’s The Silph Road for spreadsheets detailing every update move and their new DPs.

Quick and Charge moves have been overhauled! Here's what you need to know! [From our own Silph Research group!]

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