The Saga Continues – Glamb Releasing Pikachu Shoe

GLAMB Pikachu shoe -

Japanese fashion brand Glamb is releasing a whole bunch of Pokemon inspired gear this month. These fuzzy Pika-shoes complete with lightning bolt tail are my favorites but unfortunately they are being released in a limited range of sizes so you may need to win the shoe size lottery to get your hands on a pair that fits! They are selling for $250 so these are for the true Pikachu fans only.

The collection being released this month also includes several sweaters inspired by favorites such as Charizard and the Pikachu and Jigglypuff ones shown here:

Glamb Jigglypuff sweater -

Coming from 2019 from Glamb


A variety of t-shirts and various Poke-themed accessories are also available on the Glamb website here so be the very best (like no one ever was) and get your hands on some new Pokemon gear today!

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